Lynchburg, TN

Lynchburg HomesLynchburg’s residents enjoy living in a small town. The 5,500 or so resident love their small town living and slice of Americana as well as being a part of a very important industry – Jack Daniels Distillery, the oldest registered distillery in the United States and a destination for over quarter of a million visitors every year. Although most definitely the biggest industry in Lynchburg, it’s still just one part of the town’s appeal. There’s a beautifully quaint, one hundred year old courthouse in the downtown square, providing a perfect setting for antique shopping, dining or just browsing.  Tucked away in the rolling hills of Moore County, Lynchburg will enthrall you with the surrounding countryside, vintage homes and churches and picturesque horse and cattle farms. Life moves a little slower in Lynchburg and we think you’ll like it. For more information please contact Margaret Lynch.

Lynchburg HomesHistory

Settlers began arriving in Moore County around 1806, enjoying plentiful game and a new territory. Families such as the Wisemans Waggoners and Taylors began the settlement that became Lynchburg, building log cabins and clearing farm land. Samuel Isaacs lived on Jack Daniel’s farm and Michael Tipps settled in the county in 1813. In 1815, James P. Baxter and his family settled, Mr. Baxter being the county surveyor for 33 years and a member of the commission created to relocate the Creek Indians. Lynchburg erected its first grist mill in the county near where Jack Daniel’s distillery now stands.

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With antiques galore, great downtown dining and a relaxed, easy going atmosphere, as well as Jack Daniels accessories available throughout town, shopping in Lynchburg is a true guilty pleasure. Come join us, enjoy the shopping and have a great meal, all in one place!

LynchburgParks and Recreation

Bring the camping gear and get set to enjoy state parks like Old Stone Fort or Tim Ford’s State Park in the area. You’ll have a great time enjoying the parks’ natural beauty, so be prepared to have fun! 
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